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Athletic Care

Athletes, Prevention!  It’s always the best treatment. Here are a few key tips:

Taking care of your body through out your athletic career is important! It will help you prevent long term problems and strengthen your body for a happy athletic life chapter. We make sure to develop a care plan based on your life style and investigate any pains you have. We’ll help you understand what may be happening what needs to happen for recovery, prevention and healing. The most important step is Recognition. If prevention fails, early detection is the next line of defense. Be alert for symptoms. A bit of soreness and stiffness is normal, but pain, swelling, diminished strength or mobility, and discoloration of the skin is not. Spot small problems before they become big ones. If your problem seems small, treat it yourself. But if you don’t improve — or if you have a major injury — get expert help.

Care For All Ages

Play Right And Stay Strong

Children grow rapidly, and injuries and illnesses are sometimes unavoidable. Other children may have or may develop conditions that involve longer term treatment. Physical therapy may be an option for treating both injuries and other conditions. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of childhood physical therapy, the conditions it can help, and safety precautions to keep your kid healthy and happy. 

Physical therapy for kids and adults is an essential part of health care. Physical therapy helps you work on the small things, like how you lift boxes, run and more. Its really a preventative measure as well as an inside look on the function your body has.

Sometimes the smallest things, like a high foot arch, or in-turned knees can affect our neck, back and hips. If you have struggled to find answers for the pain you experience it is time to get checked out and tackle the problem once and for all before returning to sports, activities and your daily life.

We’ll help you design easy care plans that are realistic, simple and fast so you can get back to doing what you love most.

Senior Care Plans

Turn Back Time & Have Fun Again

The Proactive Role of Physical Therapy

An oft-heard adage insists that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This sentiment is particularly applicable when it comes to physical therapy.

Because while PT is often thought of as primarily reactive to acute health conditions, it can also be useful for managing some different chronic ailments, including everything from arthritis and osteoporosis to dementia and other brain disorders. For seniors facing balance issues related to vision loss, poor nutrition, neurological conditions and other factors, physical therapy can offer a beneficial tuneup.

The best part? The more seniors move their bodies, the more confident they become in doing so. In other words, physical therapy has the power to turn a negative cycle into positive progress by keeping seniors active and engaged. Failure to utilize physical therapy, meanwhile, can trigger to potentially life-threatening consequences.