Connecting Your Care Has Never Been Easier

Why Tele-Medicine?

We understand that driving out to meet a physician is time consuming & inconvenient at times.

To avoid lost appointments, while getting the care you need, schedule a Tele-Medicine Visit.

Our Care doesn’t stop, & we make sure getting on a call is stress free.

Our instructions are Transparent and easy to follow so we won’t miss you.

Care From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Easy, Secure & Fast Appointment Connection

Stay Connected Without Affecting Your Schedule

Have A Tele-Health Appointment?

Need A Tele-Health Appointment?

In Short

Full medical visits are available. We’ll focus on the diagnosis and treatment of your musculoskeletal problems.

After doing a virtual history and physical exam, prescriptions for medication as well as physical and occupational therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy can all be given.

Diagnostic imaging and laboratory work can also be ordered, to be done at a facility near you.

Follow up visits are ordered as needed.